Current lab members and Alumni

Person 1

Kasia Radwanska PhD (head of the lab)

Head of the lab. She is interested in molecular basis of behavior and memory as well as in mechanisms underlying addiction.

Person 9

Ahmad Salamian (postdoc)

Ahmad is an electorphysiologists and he works with patchclamp and recently started investigating effects on actin manipulations in alcohol relapse

Person 2

Magda Ziolkowska (technician)

Magda is interested in mechanisms of memory rearagement. She manipulates neural circutis involving CA1 of the hippocampus with DREADD technology.

Person 2

Edyta Skonieczny (PhD candidate)

Edyta works with Roberto on his project and keeps track of all our animals.

Person 3

Kamil Tomaszewski (PhD candidate)

Kamil works to discover and manipulate the networks in the brain that underly memory extinction. He is in blooming relationship with c-Fos.

Person 4

Anna Caly (PhD candidate)

Ania is an expert in memory formation in older animals and she studies ethanol sensitisation in mice.

Person 5

Kacper Lukasiewicz (PhD candidate)

Kacper studies memory impairment after alcohol administration. He also takes care of many ImageJ macros and likes to build custom equipment.

Person 6

Gosia Borczyk (PhD candidate)

Gosia invetigates the details of memory remodelling in the hippocampus with 3D electron microscopy

Person 7

Maria Nalberczak-Skora (PhD candidate)

Marysia studies mechanisms underlying alcohol in addicts and ways to block it

Person 8

Roberto Pagano (PhD candidate)

Roberto is our crispR expert and he studies the role of Arc protein in alcohol addiction.

Person 10

Agata Sapieja (Master student)

Agata works on the coffilin project.

Person 15

Magdalena Chilimoniuk (alumna/master student)

Magda works with Kamil on his memory extinction project

Person 10

Olga Lempke (alumna/bachelor student)

Olga is doing her bachelor thesis about DREADD technology with us.

Person 10

Agata Nowacka (alumna/master student)

Agata works in organotypic hippocampal slices to uncover the importance of PSD-95 activity-dependent trafficking in synaptic plasticity using molecular and electorphysiological techniques.

Person 11

Ashish Gorule (alumnus / postdoc)

Ashish is an electrophysiologists and he was responsible for setting-up the rig in our lab. He also participated in the coffilin project.

Person 12

Malgorzata Piechota (alumna / postdoc)

Gosia worked on actin dynamics in dentate gyrus i n alcohol addiction

Person 13

Malgorzata Sliwinska (alumna / postdoc)

Gosia set up the 3D Electron Microscopy protocolls for the lab and worked on memory formation in old animals. She still collaborates with us as an Electron Microscopy expert.

Person 14

Zofia Harda (alumna / PhD gratuate)

Zosia worked on social aspects of behavior of aCaMKII mutants and on their alcohol addiction phenotype

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