to join the laboratory

Nencki Institue is a great and dynamic place to work, and Warsaw is a vibrant and modern city. Student/PhD/postdoc/technician inquires are always welcomed from qualified candidates.

  • 25.09.2019. We are currently hiring: PhD student (Opus grant: Deciphering activity of CA1 region during alcohol seeking and consumption, National Science Centre) and a Postdoc.
  • Two PhD students will be employed in the project. The students should have MSc in Biology (Molecular), Neurobiology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics or Biophysics. Only highly motivated students with outstanding academic record and fluent English will be accepted. One PhD student will be responsible for behavioral analysis of Arc KO mice and electrophysiological characteristics of Arc KO neurons. Strong background in biology will be an asset of the successful candidate. The second PhD student will be involved in implementation of miniscopes in a new cages and image data analysis. Strong background in mathematics/bioinformatics/image analysis will be an asset of the successful candidate.
  • Please contact the Laboratory Head at k.radwanska@nencki.gov.pl