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Ongoing grants

  • NCN SYMFONIA 2013/08/W/NZ4/00691: Neuroengineering control and regulation of behavior (2013 - 2018); co-investigator: Kasia Radwanska
  • NCN OPUS 2015/19/B/NZ4/03163; Do silent synapses regulate alcohol relapse? (2016 - 2019); PI: Kasia Radwanska
  • Bio4Med Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 665735, PhD project: Bio4Med - The role of Arc protein in the regulation of alcohol addiction-related behaviors (2015 - 2019)
  • NCN PRELUDIUM 2015/19/N/NZ4/03611: Neuronal correlates of long-term fear memory and its extinction (2016-2018); PI: Kacper Lukasiewicz
  • NCN PRELUDIUM: Neuronal circuits and molecular mechanisms underlying alcohol seeking (2016-2019); PI: Anna Caly
  • NCN PRELUDIUM: Does acamprosate regulate generation of silent synapses in mice drinking alcohol? (2017-2019); PI: Maria Nalberczak-Skora
  • NCN PRELUDIUM: Do projections from nucleus reuniens to dorsal CA1 area control fear memory extinction? (2017-2019); PI: Magdalena Ziolkowska
  • HARMONIA NCN 2016/22/M/NZ4/00674: The role of dentate gyrus in the regulation of alcohol seeking during withdrawal (2017-2020); PI: Kasia Radwanska

    Finnished grants

  • NCN SONATA BIS 2012/05/E/NZ4/02996: The role of alphaCaMKII autophosphorylation in structural spine plasticity: focus on memory and alcohol addiction (2013-2018); PI: Kasia Radwanska
  • NCN Harmonia 2013/08/M/NZ3/00861, The alternative mechanism for memory formation in old age, 2013-2016; PI: Kasia Radwanska
  • POMOST/2011-4/7 FNP grant powrotowy, Do multiinervated spines store memory? (2012-2015); PI: Kasia Radwanska
  • Grant MNiSW 2084/7.PREU/2011/2: Alpha CaMKII autophosphorylation as a mechanism to regulate alcohol consumption, 2009-2013 Katarzyna Radwanska
  • Marie Curie Actions- European Re-integration Grants (ERG), PERG05-GA-2009-247841, Alco_CaMK- Alpha CaMKII autophosphorylation as a mechanism to regulate alcohol consumption, 2009-2013; PI: Kasia Radwanska ">